A minimum $50 deposit must be placed at the time of booking. This deposit holds your appointment and goes toward the cost of your tattoo. 48 hours notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling. If notice is not given you forfeit your deposit.

Custom Tattooing

The shop minimum is $100, with an hourly rate of $100.

A design fee may apply to custom pieces. Your artist will inform you of this during your initial consultation.

Apprentice Rates

Our two talented apprentices are currently accepting clients at a discounted hourly rate. Call us for more details.

Touch Ups

Touch ups are sometimes required with new tattoos, therefore they are complimentary. However if a tattoo has clearly not been properly looked after during the healing process a small fee will apply.


Quotes will not be given over the phone or without a consultation.

* Gift Certificates are available for each artist in any amount you like!